Art and Research on Ukraine

My name is Samara Pearce, I am a dedicated artist, who draws inspiration from the poignant history of Ukraine, particularly focusing on Holodomor and the contemporary challenges faced by the nation in times of conflict. My work aims to transcend traditional boundaries, capturing the essence of these historical narratives through a mix of powerful imagery and emotive symbolism. I hope my commitment to raising awareness and fostering empathy is evident in my art, as I navigate the complexities of Ukraine's past and present with a sense of purpose. Through my work, I invite viewers to engage critically with the narratives unfolding, while offering a unique perspective on the enduring spirit of a nation marked by resilience and strength.

Holodomor to War
Echoes of Resilience
The Long Fight (Preview)
Ukraine February 2018
Kharkiv 1933 - Moscow 1934 by Alexander Wienerberger
Masks of Holodomor
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